Charity field trip to Dong Nai province

On the 25th of May 2019, Viet Australia went to Binh Hoa hamlet in Dong Nai province for its 2019 annual charity field trip.

As usual our motivation was to provide disadvantaged communities in rural Vietnam with essential commodities so as to bring happiness into their household and to improve their basic living conditions. Therefore, this year, as Viet Australia’s friends introduced the Châu Ro ethnic community in Dong Nai province to us, and as they exposed to us the Châu Ro’s overall material situation and their most dire needs, we started gathering the commodities they need.

Once we have purchased enough products for the whole community, we have met the Châu Ro people in a local pagoda, in which the nuns helped us to distribute the commodities equally between the needy people.

We invite you to have a glance at the pictures of our visit in Binh Hoa down below.