Charity field trip to Tay Ninh province - "Give love and warmth"​

At the end of summer 2020, when the school year is about to begin in Vietnam, a second wave of Covid-19 erupted all around the country. Living conditions of poor people living in rural areas became harsher, and Viet Australia started to receive information from about people in need from numerous places, however the situation in Loc Ninh Commune, Duong Minh Chau District, Tay Ninh Province appeared particularly difficult for the locals. 

The local school informed us that pupils are in dire need for basic school supplies, especially notebooks, and the local Association of the Elderly told us about a few old people living in Loc Ninh are living in extremely difficult conditions, facing food shortages and that they are in dire need of other basic supplies.

Our team interpreted this as a distress call from the people from Loc Ninh commune and started gathering school and food supplies for the children and the older members of the Commune.

Then, despite the fact that Saturday the 15th of August was a work-free day, some volunteers from Viet Australia decided to go to Tay Ninh province where they were greeted by Loc Ninh People’s Community, representatives from the local school and members of the local Association of the Elderly.

Thanks to their guidance, our team was able to distribute food supplies to 20 of the poorest elders and to give more than 2000 notebooks and other school supplies to the local elementary school. Those school supplies will be distributed to the children by their teachers on the 5th of September – the opening of the school year in Vietnam. 

We hope that our contribution will bring confidence and motivation to children’s hearts so as to begin this new school year in a positive atmosphere.

We invite you to have a glance at the pictures of the distribution of our gifts down below.