Resolution 24/2022/UBTVQH15 on continuing to pay support to employees under Resolution 03/2021/UBTVQH15

Article 1. Continue to pay support to employees

Use the amount of 1,155 billion VND from the surplus balance of the Unemployment Insurance Fund as at the end of 2021 to continue paying support to employees who are eligible under Resolution No. 03/2021 dated September 24, 2021 and submitted the application on time. The payment of employee benefits must be completed by September 10, 2022.Funds for payment of support specified in Clause 1 of this Article shall be settled in the fiscal year 2022.

Article 2. Implementation

 1. To assign the Government to implement the payment on time and report on the results of the implementation of Resolution No. 03/2021 and this Resolution at the September 2022 meeting of the Standing Committee of the Congress.

2.The National Assembly Standing Committee, Ethnic Council, Social Committee, Finance and Budget Committee, and other committees of the National Assembly, National Assembly Delegation, and National Assembly deputies supervise the implementation of this resolution.

3. The Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the employer's representative organization, and other member organizations of the Front participate in the propaganda, advocacy, and supervision of the implementation of this Resolution.

Article 3. Validity

 This resolution takes effect from the date of its approval. This resolution was approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, term XV, 14th session on August 11, 2022.

According to Resolution 03, the beneficiaries include:

- Employees participating in unemployment insurance as of September 30, 2021 (excluding employees working at state agencies or organizations, political organizations, socio-political organizations, armed forces, and public non-business units whose expenditures are paid by the state budget).

-Employees who have stopped participating in unemployment insurance due to the termination of their labor contracts or working contracts between January 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021 have the reserved period paid for unemployment insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions of the law on employment, excluding persons receiving monthly pensions. Payment will be completed by September 10, 2022, at the latest.

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