Tax services

Should you be required to have an audit by law, or choose to have one, VAAL - audit teams will provide you with an efficient and coordinated audit of your business. Moreover, whilst undertaking a strong and technically advanced audit, VAAL will take the time to form a deep understanding of your business, looking way beyond the numbers to see what really makes the business tick. We will use the audit process as a platform to provide real business advice, helping you to grow and develop your business.

Our audit services includes:

- Audit of statutory Financial Statements

This is our current main service. With over 500 clients working in various industries, we have accumulated a lot of practical experience and are always ready to serve all the businesses with the best service quality.

The annual audits will be carried out through our interim and final audits in accordance with the audit schedules agreed with the clients.

The audit procedures have been set up on the basis of:

  • + The compliance with the prevailing Vietnamese auditing standards.
  • + The compliance with international professional standards and general practices.
  • + The professional codes of ethics: Independence, Integrity, Objectiveness, Prudence and Confidentiality.
  • + The suitability to the actual business and legal environments in Vietnam.

- Audit of Financial Statements for tax purpose

Similarly to audit of statutory Financial Statements, but we will focus more on tax-related accounts, expenses accounts and tax obligation of the company.

- Performed agreed upon procedures regarding financial information

The objective of verifying the financial information on the basis of the procedures prior to implementation of audit procedures agreed between the auditors, the audited units and related third parties, to report test results.

- Compliance Audit service

A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Independent accounting consultants evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations.

- Specific review services during the process of structuring, split, consolidation, merger, acquisition and dissolution.

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