Viet Australia is an audit firm with Vietnamese and Australian CPAs, recruited among professionals coming from the Big4 such as PWC and Deloitte. We provide high quality professional services tailormade in accordance with your business requirements and reasonable costs.
Currently Viet Australia, thanks to its large number of followers, ranks third after PWC and KPMG among Vietnamese audit firms on LinkedIn.

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Continuous growth and development requires audit to ensure the quality of corporate governance.

This unique type of audit allows you to verify and approve the costs of a construction project.

Completing a tax file in a way that will be favorable to your business and managing tax risks are not simple tasks.

A comprehensive accounting system will allow you to comply with financial reporting requirements.

How to establish a company step-by-step?

How to establish a company step-by-step?

In anticipation of the after Covid-19 economy recovery and the expected imminent wave of new foreign investments, Viet Australia Auditing Ltd. is committed to contributing to the success of prospective entrepreneurs in Vietnam through this piece of guidance aimed at building a business with a solid foundation.