Viet Australia

About us

13 years ago, Viet Australia Auditing Ltd. was born as a promising and capable audit firm operating in two countries. From the very beginning, our aim was not to revolutionize audit and financial services, but rather to diversify the market and make auditing more accessible and affordable to smaller businesses, especially in Vietnam.  

Our transnational nature is a strength as it differentiates us from local firms as a broader and international perspective allows us to astutely assess financial issues and allows us to increase our creativity in terms of problem solving. An other aspect that makes us to stand out from other firms is our proximity to local businesses. Indeed, since 2007 we have focused ourselves to serve Vietnamese and foreign-invested businesses in Vietnam, especially those situated far from major cities. By following this spirit, we have opened 12 offices in different provinces throughout the years.

We are deeply aware of the intense competition on the Vietnamese market, we know our competitors and the similarity between our respective services, and we know that we have to make the difference to keep Viet Australia’s legitimate position in the audit and advisory industry as we perfectly understand that our clients can easily switch to one of our competitor’s offer. For those reasons we always emphasize our firm’s strict professional ethics, its integrity and its humanitarian aspect, which leads us to regularly donate our time, money and specific resources according to the needs of the people.

By staying resilient to stick to our spirit and to our approach to business we have already provided our services to more than 2000 business of different sizes and operating in diverse industries, pushing our understanding and our sensitivity to the needs and the problems of businesses operating in Vietnam to a high level. It should not be forgotten that we propose a special service – audit of completed projects – in the framework of which we have audited more than 500 constructions projects all over Vietnam.

And last but not least, the message that we would like to communicate to business owners and potential investors is that real experience proves that, in order to be successful in Vietnam, you will need an experienced and professional business partner before taking any decision that may affect your finances or the fate of your company. Viet Australia's Vietnamese and European staff are ready to assist, guide, advise and take care of issues that you or your company cannot handle.