Accounting services

As the present business environment has become more competitive, a company's accounting system is no longer merely about daily business transactions records. In fact, by having a perfect accounting system, the company's board of management will have an better insight into the company's activities, and will be able to identify which activities affect objectives and plans of the company the most. Regardless of the type of company or organisation, an accurate accounting system, which can fully and promptly show any changes in the operational structure of the company, is a prerequisite to success.

Viet Australia Auditing (VAAL) will support your Company and will ensure standardization of errors at the lowest possible level in your Company's accounting system. Our services will help the managers in your company to operate your activities in the right direction and to achieve the planned objective.
Our accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping.
  • General Accounting.
  • Chief Accountant service.
  • Prepare a complete accounting system.
  • Prepare accounting system in accordance with IFRS, VAS.
  • Prepare and review financial statement.
  • Review, optimize the company's accounting system, upgrade and complete the existing accounting system of the company.
Viet Australia
Viet Australia Auditing Company is an independent auditing organization licensed and established in 2007 in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.