Virtual Offices

If you have a representative office, a small business or a fresh start-up in Vietnam, one of the top priorities you will be confronted to is to have a professional business address, and you probably already know that having a virtual office the best solution.

Even a small company understands the importance of demonstrating its professionalism, as you most certainly do not want your clients and potential customers to know that you work from your kitchen table or a from a coffee shop. Therefore having a professional business address at a prestigious and/or convenient office location will make your clients understand that you take your business seriously.

An other important reason why small businesses choose to have a virtual office instead of a proper office is the cost saving factor. Indeed not having to pay a rent for a proper office space, as well as avoiding other costs such as having to furnish it and purchase office equipment and telephone systems considerably diminishes all operational costs of the business.

Taking that into account, Viet Australia will provide your business with comprehensive and taylormade virtual office solutions based on your needs and your budget.
Our virtual office services encompass the following options:
  • Address and location
  • Business licence applicatiom
  • Receptionist
  • Meeting room
  • Mail handling and forwarding
  • Full utilities
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Desk
  • Wifi
  • Company name board
  • Guest space
  • Name card, scan and photocopy services 
Viet Australia
Viet Australia Auditing Company is an independent auditing organization licensed and established in 2007 in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.