Audit of construction finalization

Among all the companies offering this type of audit, Viet Australia has a reason to be proud as our audit firm is one of the largest in terms of number of clients. In terms of Audit of the final accounts of the completed project our team of specialized and experienced engineers if our main strength and the one of the main factors that generates trust of our clients.

Viet Australia’s extensive experience in this unique type of audit makes us a legitimate leader on the Vietnamese market, and it allows our clients to benefit from our competitive prices which are among the lowest on the market of audit in Vietnam. Up until today we have more than 500 clients and 2000 projects audited in our client base.

Our advantage in this field lays in our presence all over the country, especially in Vietnamese provinces. Audit of the final accounts of the completed project is not mandatory for projects without state capital elements. Nonetheless, auditing the final accounts of a completed project by an independent party can help an investor to:

  • Verify and approve the construction investment costs.
  • Express an opinion as to whether the final accounts of completed investment project have been prepared in accordance with established accounting standards and systems and applicable regulations on investment costs settlement.
  • Evaluate the compliance in implementation of State’s regulations during the investment process.
  • Checking the Investor's compliance with the conclusions of the State Inspection, Inspection and Audit agencies (if any).
  • Define the responsibilities of investors, contractors, authorities granting funding and loans, debt control agencies and relevant State management authorities.
  • Present the final accounts of completed investment project which give a true and fair view in all material respects.
  • Obtain reasonable assurance that the final accounts of the completed project are no longer subject to material misstatements due to hand or errors.
  • Give independent opinions, comments, reviews and recommendations about the final accounts of completed investment project and other issues of interest.
Viet Australia
Viet Australia Auditing Company is an independent auditing organization licensed and established in 2007 in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.