The Gathering On The First Day Of The Year Of The Rabbit At Viet Australia Auditing Ltd.

- As a must-have activity at the beginning of the lunar new year, the first spring get-together of all employees of the Viet Australia Auditing Ltd (“VAAL”) on January 28, 2023 (the 7th January of the Year of the Rabbit) brought a lot of joy, laughter, and good wishes for each other.

- With the New Year's wishes from the company's president, we hope that the whole company will be blessed with good health, luck, and energy for a successful and prosperous new year.

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- Next, instead of wishing the Board of Directors, as is traditionally done, an employee representative read a six-eight syllable poem describing the traditional lunar new year scene at the company's year-end party. The poem brought many laughs and many witty wishes for a prosperous year.

- Along with the best wishes for one another, the gathering at the start of this year became more exciting with the lucky red envelopes sent to the VAAL participants.

- A must-have part of the meeting at the beginning of this year is not only the wishes for each other but also the lucky red envelopes sent to the members of VAAL.

- We hope a new year of success and prosperity awaits. Everyone attended the warm, joyful, and laughter-filled New Year's party together in the spirit of joy and enthusiasm.

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Once again, VAAL would like to wish all members, as well as clients and partners, a happy new year filled with good fortune and prosperity.

Viet Australia
Viet Australia Auditing Company is an independent auditing organization licensed and established in 2007 in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.